TippTopp Art Bus and Art Studio

TippTopp is a company focused on delivering creative experiences for children and adults alike, offering a range of artistic activities including art parties, art camps, art workshops, art classes, adults’ painting evenings and more.

TippTopp provides its services in two unique spaces: on the ART BUS, one-of-a-kind mobile art studio, and in the Art Studio located in Luxembourg City.


This is a creative new experience – a unique, easy to plan and convenient way to celebrate.

We as parents know how complicated logistically and time consuming it can be to organise a children’s party, so our mission is simple: we put the art in the party and bring the art and fun to our customers. Our parties come to our clients’ place  – it’s fun, creative and worry free for parents!

How it works

You book your date and time on our website www.tipptopp.lu, pick your art activity and once confirmed we drive to your house or location, park up outside our fully equipped art bus and we are ready to take up to 15 excited children for a fun creative party. We will help partygoers create their art projects during the 1.5-2 hours art party. No need for a goody bag, each child takes home their own creation as a favour!

We have 6 attractive packages to choose from: canvas painting, tie dye t-shirt, t-shirt painting, slime making, art & crafting and jewellery making.

Our art parties are even more attractive for children because they have the opportunity to do some projects that are mostly forbidden at home because of the mess they generate… like slime making, glitter tattoos or painting with acrylics – but children simply love it and for them it is really pure pleasure!

Art parties are held in English, French, Luxembourgish or German.


The TippTopp Art Studio is located in Luxembourg City (3, rue Jean Origer) and is focused on building a creative hub for children and adults alike, offering a range of art activities.

We organise lots of creative workshops, art classes, art camps, art parties, open studio, adult’s painting evenings, events and more. We have seasonal changes and holiday themes, so there is always something new for every age and ability. We aim to create a space where creativity meets fun!

The TippTopp Art Studio is bright, inviting, spacious, uniquely organised and we provide exposure to high-quality art materials, tools, and techniques. Art Studio is process-based, meaning that the focus is more on the process of creating art than on the end result. In the art studio, there is no right or wrong, it’s just about falling in love with the art journey.