Jumpbox Trampoline Park

We have adapted our offer. Some parents prefer brining their own cake, some think our fantastic American pancake birthday cake, complete with delicious toppings is just perfect. For socialising parents we also have cremant and waffles bites with toppings available (to pre–book). No need to sort out goodie-bags for guests as they will be handed a small (paper) bag of candies at the end.  A host to oversee the party. Learn more and book at https://www.jumpbox.lu

Birthday parties:

Birthday parties are for all ages from 4th birthday celebration onwards. Parents booking a party involving mini-jumpers (aged 4-6) should be aware that for safety reasons, they must plan for adults to actively supervise them (1 adult per 3 mini-jumpers) and parties for little ones can be booked during the week (exclusive use) or on Saturday/Sunday between 10.00-12.00 [then party guests can be as young as 3 years old (without diaper)]. This makes the experience for little ones much safer as many parents are present to assist with supervision (and play ;-)].

For older children (from age 7 ideally with no mini-jumpers as guests), we recommend planning a party on Friday late afternoon and Saturday/Sunday from 13.00h  because then, older, more active and adventurous jumpers tend to visit. Party guests can be as young as 6 years old. In the event that they have difficulty following the safety guidelines, an adult (1 adult per 3 mini-jumpers) may need to be by their side to supervise them on the trampoline zone. Parties can also during the week with exclusive use of our 800m2 trampoline zone and out staff to organise bespoke activities.

Birthday parties are the perfect opportunity for adults to socialise so as from 26th April 2021 (as per current anti-covid restrictions) hosting parents are welcome to invite other parents to stay for a chat. However, it is important to note that we have to follow the rules (keeping distances and wearing the mask, except for children aged less than 6) while in movement.

During the week (outside school and bank holidays), you have exclusive use of our 800m2 trampoline area. On top of the below-mentioned recommendations, if parents must work, we have WIFI and ample space and can find you a quiet corner to focus. Team Jumbpox will take care of the children 😉

For those looking at optimising their time while children are jumping, we can recommend doing your shopping at Grand Frais or other local shops (Contern, Sandweiler), having your car washed at the large petrol station or your tyres changed at Muller Pneus next door. If you would prefer to go for a walk, feel free to ask for advice 😉

Rue de l'Étang 8
Contern 5326 District de Luxembourg LU
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