Looking for a new and exciting group activity?

Eventarium.lu organizes fascinating team-building events and private parties. It conducts game driven entertainment activities making a day with them a unique and fun memory for all.

Their team specialises in building intellectually stimulating event programs with elements of technologically advanced escape games (escape-room) and quizzes.

The expert entertainers at Eventarium spend months creating each of their intricate escape games to provide you with a challenging and stimulating adventure.

These events can be held anywhere, at any time, even in your own home or office.

BIRTHDAY  PARTIES FOR 3-5 years old: Birthday with an animator that will entertain your guests for 2 hours. Games, puzzles, adventure, funny songs and dances. Custom programs are possible. We will prepare your party of your child favorite cartoon or our animator will come in a costume of the beloved hero of the birthday person or birthday girl.

In addition to the games, each event can include snacks, lunch or dinner per request of our clients as well as music entertainment (Jazz Band or a disco dancing), memorable gifts (Caps, T-shirts, USB drives with symbols of the client’s organization) or a photo recording of the event.

To book a party or event, please call 661 200 609 or email info@eventarium.lu

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Leudelange 3347 District de Luxembourg LU
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