Adventure Parc L’Eh – Dudelange

This park’s main feature is the tree top adventures you can experience in the high rope courses and tree houses spread across 6 different adventure courses throughout the park. With a course to cater to each age group, Bambini, Kids, Discovery, Adventure, Compete, Sensation, and Extreme, the Park of Adventures Dudelange is deffinitely a place to go if you are looking for a day full of sports and challenges. The park offers birthday packages as well.

When you arrive, the instructor will show you to your table (if booked). As soon as your group is complete, you are going to be geared up, briefed and attended to your first possible trail.
The adults have to follow the group on or under the trail. If booked, a private instructor will look after the kids.
The group will climb for one or two hours as booked. After the time has elapsed, the harnesses has to be returned to be at the disposal of other customers. The group can then party and stay in the parc until the parc closes.
You can bring all you need for the birthday. We sell sweets, drinks and icecreams. Please note that trash has to be taken back with you. If not possible we can provide you with a plastic bag of trash and one recycling bag for a fee of 10 euros.

Rue du Parc 203
Dudelange 3542 District de Luxembourg LU
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