1001 Things to Do with Kids in Luxembourg

The most comprehensive family guide available in Luxembourg

We are thrilled to announce that our 1001 Things To Do With Kids In Luxembourg is now open!

1001 Things To Do With Kids in Luxembourg is the most comprehensive family guide available in Luxembourg.

We have spent months of testing its contents and functionality with many parents here in Lux and around and after many overwhelmingly positive comments, the 1001 Things Guide is now available to all our readers.

Here is the link to it — check it out and SIGN UP!


The 1001 Things Guide is different from the weekend to-do list

The 1001 Things Guide tells you what’s happening around you so you always know what to do and where to have fun with your kids.

Anytime, anywhere, any weather.


1001 Things to Do with Kids in Luxembourg is an all-encompassing list of events that are happening around you, places you can visit, activities you can do, classes you can attend, family-friendlyrestaurants that are so difficult to come across in Luxembourg, soft-play areas and playgroundsmuseumslakes and riversparks and gardenspicture perfect sightseeingfarms and zoosnaturetrails, and many more — all collated in a super easy to read and follow guide, which you can use to quickly find out what to do with your kids in and around Luxembourg – anytime, anywhere, any weather.

And yes, there are 1001 things you can do with your kids in Luxembourg (in fact the Guide currently includes 600+ listings).

What’s Inside?

Hundreds and hundreds activities, classes, entertainment events and many other categories of listings to choose from.

And it is super easy to do so.

  • You can view all listings on a map and see what’s close to you. That way you can, for example, search by the current month and then see at a glance what’s happening around you this month.
  • You can browse all categories (more than 30 different types of categories!) and select the ones you want to check out.
  • You can search through all the listings using keywords, categories, even distance from your location.
  • You can print, export to pdf, mark your favorites so you can easily go back to them, get driving directions, and more!

Sign up for the 1001 Things Guide and you will get:

  • Lifetime access to the 1001 Things Guide
  • Always fresh content. We continuously update the listings (sometimes as often as every week) so you can always rely on current and up to date information
  • Desktop and mobile online version of the guide, that are super easy to use and navigate, so you can always be on top of what’s happening around you
  • Printed pocket size version of the guide, that you can easily take with you around (available to Full Access members at additional cost)
  • Access to a Facebook group of hundreds of other parents just like you and me, where you can find support and get ideas and answers to your questions in minutes

It is indeed super easy to use The 1001 Things Guide. Take it on your commute, or at the gym, or on the train, or in that boring meeting room. On your iPad, iPhone, or computer. The entire guide is available online, downloadable offline and portable on any device. This way you can easily figure out what to do with your kids today, tomorrow, or during the holidays. You can do this anytime and virtually anywhere — you don’t have to spend time anymore browsing the internet and searching for ideas for hours. With the Guide, all you have left to do is simply choose!

Get the 1001 Things Guide Now!